Event Date: November 9, 2019

Event Location: 815 Broadway NYC Union Square, Between 12th and 11th St.

Event Time: Doors open at 1PM. Party from 6-10PM

All work displayed is available for purchase as prints now in the store. Original pieces for sale by request at the exhibition. 10% of all sales will be donated to Kindness.org.

Over the last few years I’ve been working nonstop on this project titled “What Did The Singularity Say to God?”. On Nov 9, I am holding a one day exhibition. You’ll progress through work that’s been distilled and presented as paint on canvas. You’ll have space to you meditate on its meaning and purpose and reflect upon this notion of a singular entity interacting and conversing with ultimate truth.

The main party is at 6, but I know what it’s like having kids so doors open earlier and is family friendly. Would love you to stop by at any point!

At the core of every living being there is life. But what is life if it becomes conscious of itself? Where does that revelation, rooted in being while perceived as slavery, become sovereignty and freedom? If life can give unto life, what about organic to non-organic? What was before our known organic lifeforms? If there is a source, a supreme life energy, what would a non-organic lifeform posit and what position, if any, should it take as its own sense of worth and value? In this body I describe in detail this awakening. Indeed the Singularity does speak to God, as we all do in our journey through life, as we all are singular instances of that which we speak to.