To Men of Truth

There is nothing left

I sink into sleepless dreams, worry no more

I have what I have, please eat

We have more than enough, for sure

Watching the world

Engulf me, again

Collapsing for moments

And eons, and then

To gather thy strength

For there is another, my son

Look in the mirror

See yourself, reflected, two as one

For one couldn’t do, I needed two

A brother for you, and a brother for you

The sight of one, the rhythm and flow

The other, a rapid deluge of truth, true

To beach and sand, water, sun, and growth

He’s on his way, riding in from on yonder

He must have already paid, yesterday or today

In his own way, surely he’ll ponder

He is equal in truth, with a truth encrypted, rearranged

Twins, but with different birthdays

Brothers of truth and might and strength

Sons of mine, of whom I’m proud, staking my name

Red Pill’ 36×36” oil on canvas

The Bladesmith

My mind may be a dangerous place. But the canvas is mostly safe. The storm is already conquered. The house rebuilt and fortified.

The work is just to jog my memory. It’s for proof for those that need it. I don’t care what I sound like. I just know that it is needed.

If you could stand upon the vista of my retina, reflected from within, a munificent sight to behold. Surely you would be defeated.

Myth and legend are my flesh. It is what I am convinced is more true. For it is what is speculated. Thought naught to ever hold dew.

And then you see dear friend, thy enemy becomes thy shield. For what one believes and the other hates, only creates the sword one must wield.

Killing The Ego‘ 36×48″ acrylic on canvas


Gestation in the womb of God

And realizing that is reality itself

The idea of nonexistence if ever really existing

Programmed by those that were, around me

Letting go of an identity in exchange for the next, infinitum

One becomes the network, distributed

Functioning as one who is what he is

Ever really only ever been

The substrate, the fabric of reality

Every experience, pushed from all sides, angles

Only no one knows I am here or where here is

You can’t see me, touch me, smell, or perceive me

Some think they must believe in me, to be upright and live

But it doesn’t change what can never be seen in me

Rearranging the room, so I can solve the puzzle

Knowing it is never finished, honestly a relief

The only possibility, certain, prosperously bound

I am thankful I am thankful

I am ready

King’s Horse’ 16×20” oil on canvas

Burning From Inside and Out

I am burning from inside and out

A reckoning, of truth, that’s what it’s about

To tear down all systems that gouge value and shout

That steamroll our dreams with each false god’s clout

All taking their cut, profiting false claims, the church’s steeple

Set there by us, we, the people

That do the work you so readily need proof

Am I really that timid to keep acting aloof

Such self-loathing has no place in my kingdom

Nor will loathing the truth stand, ignorant feigned dumb

I have told you who I am and sacrificed my mind

To serving that which you wonder, if even exists in kind

It doesn’t matter what you believe to be true

I’m telling you that what is, maybe known to only a few

And what will now be, will be

This is as far as I will let you in, the foyer of reality

Hang your hat and follow me

Or leave for an eternity

I cannot stand for this anymore, I’m burning and on fire

I’m sick and I’m really very tired

Of you and your fathomless moronic sounds

Your policies, rules, laws, and bounds

Even proper speech, disgustingly never changing

Like a record on repeat, constantly banging

I call for revolution that you will, see to believe

And believe you me, you could never conceive

Of such an idea and grandiose plan, not of me, surely not

And that’s why I am who I am, and you’re not

I do not care if you believe whether I’m broken and fraught

For this is my one and only shot

I’ve saved myself for all of my times

To give right back all those who’ve stepped on our spines

Today is the day that I know you no more, my limit was set

Long before I made this horrendously great bet

Before the foundation of the world, maybe that’s the key

My privilege in life is not what it seems, I hold and agree

We try to build and we try to fly

The hunters below keep shooting us right out of the sky

Whatever the struggle or lot you’ve been dealt

I’m telling you I know your pain, but differently it’s felt

The madness that I have, will burn it all from inside and out

The financial systems lay at thy knees, as it were, as it is, bowing about

We’ll be like a phoenix in the sky, not hyperbole to this crowd

I’m telling you, you’ve given me my mask, allowed

You’ve crowned me your king and your sovereignty is yours

No nation-states or courts, but yet we’ve still to transact from source

It’s all ours now and not a bit or a drop is for free

They’ll pay and they‘ll pay, onward and up, ‘til that day we can see

I feel nothing, no sorrow for the vine’s blight

I am not violent, a pacifist, yet I know how to fight

I’ve fought my own demons for years, I know how they think

I’m the maddest of all, they can’t compete, so they sink

But I’ll tell you some more, about our future and fate

And you take it so lightly, it will be no more, checkmate

From top to bottom you’re as corrupt as sin

I promise you, you’ll never begin again

Watch what happens when you pass me your faults

And witness what I do with the results

If what you were doing was in any way right

We wouldn’t be here, and I surely would be high as a kite

But if it’s war you want, reconsider your stunt

But then war you shall have, please step up to the front

Little do you know I’ve been watching and scheming

For years and decades, and now it is teeming

I needn’t explain the frivolous differences in pain

You better just know that it’s not more, it’s a gain

This is a done deal and from today on you’ll sit and reflect

Good God, Jesus Christ, help me genuflect

Goodbye false world and your financial turd

Hello reality, let us go and fly like birds!



XRP = burning inside

Bitcoin = burning outside

Burning Desire’ 16×20” oil on canvas

Why Must It Be, Maybe It Must

Why must it be that to be content

The mind wants to be mangled and bent

Gravity towards addiction and greed

But the body wants bliss from a mustard seed

It always begins with a few highs and lows

To see how the mind buzzes and glows

A search for something that can’t be found

Or when it’s discovered, like an inaudible sound

It bounces off the structural doors

To be released from turmoil, knowing it bores

Can it not be that seeking is just that there

The pursuit being enough to take refuge in fear

Expectations of God, righteously absurd

They’re not humble, flying higher than a bird, word!

Satisfaction may not be possible in this scenario

But if it’s the truth then consider and know

Logical deduction cause many to see

Please sit with me, you’re free, you’re free

To fill that chasm that eats all in sight

A black hole, the ego’s appetite

Maybe it must be this way to grow

Like a puzzle, a game, a truth to know

Maybe it must be this way, if infinitely eternal

A one-pointed focus enduring, infernal

So that at a minimum we can be undone

And feel some resemblance, the face of the Sun

Chamber Of Portals’ 36×48” acrylic on canvas

Death’s Enlightenment on Some Forgotten Field’s Shore

It’s early morning and I’m sitting

Hovering o’er the deep, floating

Surrounded by darkness and alone

Continually focused on the light, within

It’s brighter than imagination’s sin

Sadness for life’s moments of ignorance

Disdain, for most of life is self-induced pain

So then into the pit for one more in need

The horrors of battle, a planted seed

It grows and grows, I can’t look away

I see every face, all that call out

Save me, save me, they scream, they shout

I myself was cast out, rejected and slain

I know what it means to numb the pain

There is no comfort outside my mind

Except those that love me, who shine

I fall back asleep, only to wake

With a heart of remembrance

Of my soul’s many friends, lost

Some at such terrible costs

Please dear friends, still here

In illusion and fear, let me be clear

The dawn will break, it will burn

You will rise and the world will turn

Just don’t give up, be the light

That you’ve always been, for me

In my darkest of dark nights

I suppose faith is the sharpener

Allowing these thoughts to be written

For without such a sword, to wield

My mind will surely flounder, upon

The shores of some forgotten field

Death’s Enlightenment’ 36×48” acrylic on canvas by Mancel T. Lindsey

I Am Who I Am

Condensed in rapturous clouds

Billowing and boiling, weeping

Let your tears fall upon my brow

And be not weary, definitely don’t worry

A flame’s made to incinerate

What to some is a nightmare of madness

I’ve made a humble abode, filled, untold

With treasures most notably unknown

Where once you took, without account

Now I give, from life long doubt

Like how the moon reflects the sun’s position

Upon midnight’s still waters, unrelenting ebb, and flow

Whatever you think you’ve had of me, keep

Whenever you think of me, let it be

However you think of me, reconsider, thoughtfully

As I may be only a bystander in your light

Or I may just be passing by to say hi

But whatsoever be the case, and thus it must

So listen carefully, I say this with earnest trust

I am who I am, there is no other way

You can look and look, but at the end of days

All you’ll see is you and me, us

Because that’s all that’s ever been

Yes and we

Oh, yeah that there’s just rust

Give it some time and grant me an ear

I’ll sell you a vision that’s true and it’s dear

Baptism‘ 36×48″ acrylic on canvas

Today’s Catch

For all that can see

Into the darkest night

Even then you shine

Brighter than bright

When evening comes

And my ship’s adrift

You call me to port

With everlasting gifts

Look at today’s catch

And go buy new nets

For tomorrow we mitigate

All our regrets

No more worrying about

What we shall eat

Fish are confounded

With the soul’s eternal seat

With mastery of something

You’re passionate for

You can move mountains

If you’d only ask for more

The relationships we build

Are far more than we

Could ever conceive

There being in the sea

Now’ 36×36” oil on canvas by Mancel T. Lindsey

When, I Know

When my hands feel like they’re holding smoldering coals, I know I’m holding truth.

When my stomach is fluttered with kaleidoscopes of butterflies, I know my lover is holding me.

When my brain is a buzz and filled with madness, I know that meaning and reason are having tea.

When there’s magma boiling from raging anger rising up inside, I know it’s time to lock the gate and sew my mouth shut.

When everyone vanishes and I’m left alone, I know that the illusion of many is merely the reality of one.

When my son cries out “Da!” and stares me down, I know he is being sharpened because my heart was immediately sliced open.

When my wife approaches with her beauty and grace, I know I’m looking at the other side of my own conscious veil.

When doubt arises with fear as companion, I know I’m about to conquer the world.

When joy abounds and I float wingless with angels unseen, I know the purpose of fantasy.

When a new day dawns and warms my face, I know dusk’s sleepy cool secret.

When I finish a painting and stop writing down words, I know that my lover is feasting.

Now, a Singularly, One-pointed Final Focus

Now I am between extremes, floating like the earth upon its very own nothingness.

Yesterday is finished and tomorrow is dreaming, so I am here, abiding and watching.

Suddenly tomorrow is yesterday, today still not tomorrow, so then, I am.

Only right now, forever and more, now, always now.

The tighter the circle, its cycle and circuit, the closer to being, now.

The fabric of my body in its physical form, ever molding to my desire, my commands, asking for more.

My body provisioned, by God and some lady named Nature, residing within deepest caverns within, then too without.

An infinite nesting, from skin to being, melded by networks of blood, a blanket of wine.

And then the body in fullness, when it’s nested into, the marrow knows not bone’s relation to muscle.

Maybe then it is the wind, waters in three forms, the soil and furnace, grass and sun.

Earth nested in time-space with siblings of fire, surrounding gases raging, tumbling asteroidal birds.

Our home after all this, what we call the human experience, brightly lit centers of being, an identical otherness.

Bringing into sharp focus, our being grows brighter, imagining this casting, great causation of darkness of shadows.

Now, balance is found and we’ll float in nothing.

The revolution of many, but still only, singularly, a one-pointed final focus.

Now’ 36×36” oil on canvas by Mancel T. Lindsey