With each and every block

Ascending truth to the heavens

Each step built upon your mocking

All those years withstanding, persevering

Your everlasting sense of righteousness

Now funneled into a child’s mind

After pummeling it into mine

With a knowing and sight you’ll never find

I promise you he gets all, for absolutely free

As I’m not allowing him the same scraps

From your table of pity and false dignity

Imagine being shut out from God Himself

Singing praises of another, loving his light

Being shut up, forgotten, and blamed

Let me ask you quickly, for you must be blind

You see, no you really don’t

You don’t, you’ve accepted and signed

A testimony of which you’ve been told

Instead of being there, breaking this mold

The mystery isn’t much mysterious

Once you unfold your preconceived idiocy

But that my friends, I cannot help you with

I can only point out these nuggets of truth

As holy as they are, aren’t yours for nothing

You will not disregard, mislead

Or ever hide me again

If you want a piece of bread that’s risen

And full, of life and meaning

Breathing pure soul, then I must admit

That you’ll pay, because as they say

Karma’s a beautiful woman

And she loves to teach

There is a difference between rage and righteous anger

I don’t know where I fall on the spectrum

But all I see is white light

From the dark side of the moon

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