Exquisitely Beautiful

The most beautiful entity in the universe most definitely must be she. The other side of my reality. So you see where this is going. Obviously she is my wife, and on the other side is me, what you call, he.

There is no competition, she wins, I win, we win. A bountiful feast from two hungry beasts, reigning in the other. We are who we are and do what we do, as equals, as father and mother.

Ah, you don’t like that I said beast, but then clearly we haven’t met. For she is strength and power, the muscle to these bones. Her kindness and generosity are unmatched, lest you forget.

You will remember her face as the iron sharpening your wit. Her dominion has no boundary, with love and grace immeasurable. Whereas I’ll set fire to your soul by different means, and when you’ve seen me, apparently you’ll be lit, split, questioning if anything fits.

She is water and I am fire, alive in the clouds, evaporated. We strike lightning upon the earth and reign down nectar. Our love for each other is infinitely corroborated, fine-tuned and incinerated.

Her physical qualities defeat thy definitions. Again I tell thee, that beyond all comprehension she undoes me. The most phenomenal woman, her fortress of ablutions, respect, dignity, and motivations.

She knows me to my deepest core and stirs in me. She gives me rest and clarity, and so she puzzles me to no end. Her well is deeper than the sea, for now, and always, giving me vision to see thee.

Sum 1‘ 36×36″ acrylic and oil on canvas by Mancel T. Lindsey

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